Hubert Invents the Wheel

Texas Bluebonnet Masterlist, 2007-2008 -- Texas Library Association

Nancy Polette's Picks for best junior novels, Spring/Summer 2006 --

"A cross between the anachronism-strewn Dragon Slayers' Academy series and 'The Flintstones'... consistently quick-witted and unexpectedly edifying... Recommended." -- Horn Book Guide

"I could see this story working well as a fiction addition with a class studying inventions or studying Ancient Mesopotamia. There is an underlying message that people, even young ones, can come up with solutions to problems by using their imaginations and some trial and error...Recommended." -- Library Media Connection

"Anachronism, silly humor and slapstick abound in this history-that-never-was adventure...enough laughs and action to keep readers reading, and Shelly's cartoon illustrations are an asset." -- Kirkus Reviews

"Younger readers will read this for fun, older readers may appreciate it for the satire that it is." -- Children's Literature Review

"Like William J. Brooke's A Is for AARRGH! (HarperCollins, 1999), this enjoyable novel demonstrates that ancient history can be surprisingly funny." -- School Library Journal

"Kids in grades 4-6 will appreciate Hubert...who has some ideas of how to make his life in Ancient Sumeria easier." -- Midwest Book Review

2005 Reading Circle Program Selection, -- Missouri State Teachers Association

"The humor and anachronisms should spark a lot of discussion." -- PBS TeacherSource, Recommended Books

"Funny yet stealthily educational...enough sharp wit and fast-paced action to satisfy young readers." -- Lisa L. Owens, Sept. 2006 Picks, Hooked on Reading

"Take a little history, lots of humor, add an eccentric queen, a scheming prime minister, imminent danger from Assyrians, and one determined teenager and you’ve got the right mixture for an entertaining read." --

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"Monte and Claire Montgomery have entertained us all at Borders. Their good humor and scientific knowledge are a perfect segue into their very entertaining and educational book." -- Sandra Carpenter, District Marketing Manager, Borders Group, Inc.

"The book should be in every 6th grade history and science classroom. But don't stop at getting the book... get the authors. Their presentation is entertaining, informative, and engaging. My students loved it!" -- Thomas Rawley, coordinator of the Portola Middle School Highly Gifted Magnet Center in Tarzana, California

"You two really inspired me to read more." -- Kayla

"I liked your act. It was silly and funny, but yet we still learned a lot about wheels." -- Gabriel

"Hubert Invents the Wheel is the best book ever!" -- Samantha

"You two are the funniest people I've ever met." -- Andrew

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